Thinking of Starting Up a Cleaning Service?

Thinking of Starting Up a Cleaning Service?  

How Does a Janitorial Service Submit Bids?

When a cleaning or janitorial service are looking to win the business of a potential client, they will generally have to draw up and submit a janitorial bid for the work. There are various elements which will go into a bid. So making sure to include all of these elements will increase the chances of landing a job. Below are a few examples of what will be included in the preparation and submission of a bid.

One of the key things when putting together an effective cleaning service bid is to have a good working knowledge of exactly what the customer needs in their cleaning services. While some elements, like vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, and emptying the trash, will be part of every cleaning job, you should also look to address any specific needs. For instance, will a client need any special cleaning agents because of allergies or other such issues? Taking some time to explore all these minor details will show exactly how seriously you take the job.

The janitorial bid will be more successful when a few extra touches which cannot be found in basic janitorial contracts are added. Maybe adding the cleaning of air vents every quarter, or steam cleaning carpets will get more attention. All these little extras can be added to a standard monthly fee or offered as extras at a discounted price. Even when a business is not looking right now for these services, knowing they can be offered will make a bid more attractive.

In many cases, a prospective client could have a few specific questions on how different aspects of the cleaning will occur. In fact, some businesses may have some very specific requests, which means a cleaning bid just got more complicated to draw up. With a janitorial bid of this ilk, make sure that time is spent preparing this bid if you want to win the contract.

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